Painting about painting exhibition at Simmons and Simmons

Latest art exhibition at Simmons & Simmons -Painting About Painting

From established artists to new graduates, Painting About Painting is a survey of painting that examines the prevalent concerns of contemporary production when painting regards itself, and reflects on the state of exception within which painting exists.

The show will include works by artists from the Simmons and Simmons collection – Hurvin Anderson, Jacopo Dal Bello, Peter Davies, Mark Francis, Bernard Frize, Neil Gall, Alexis Harding, Gary Hume, Callum Innes and Danny Rolph, as well as works by Alice Browne, Andrea Büttner, Maria Chevska, Dexter Dalwood, Katherine Ellis, Nick Goss, Alex Gough, Mike Graham, Mouez Hamdi, Lewis Hammond, Andrew Hewish, Robert Holyhead, Nicholas John Jones, Ian Kiaer, Wendy Mclean, Andrea Medjesi-Jones, Matthew Musgrave, Aimée Parrott, Neal Rock, Joel Wyllie and Toby Ziegler.

Viewing by appointment